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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


When they met she was eighteen
Like a black rose blooming wild
And she already knew she was gonna die

"What's tomorrow without you?
This is our last goodbye"

She got weaker every day
As the autumn leaves flew by
Until one day, she told him, "This is when I die"

"What was summer like for you?"
She asked him with a smile
"What's tomorrow without you?"
He silently replied

She said,

"I will always be with you
I'm the anchor of your sorrow
There's no end to what I'll do
Cause I love you, I love you to death"

But the sorrow went too deep
The mountain fell too steep
And the wounds would never heal
Cause the pain of the loss was more than he could feel

He said,

"I will always be with you
By the anchor of my sorrow
All I know, or ever knew,
Is I love you, I love you to death"

"What's tomorrow without you?
Is this our last goodbye?"

"I will always be with you
I'm the anchor of your sorrow
There's no end to what I'll do
Cause I love you"


Once my life was
plain and clear
I recall
Once my ignorance was bliss
Nightfall came
Like a serpent's kiss
To my troubled mind

Why, oh why my God
Have you abandoned me
In my sobriety
Behind the old facade
I'm your bewildered child
So take me cross the river wide

Binding promises were made
On my soul
Grand illusions lead astray
Ice cold winds swept
my heart away
Bring me back to you

I remember a song
Like in a dream
Where September was long
And winter unreal

Why, oh why my God above
Have you abandoned me
In my sobriety
Behind the old facade
I'm your bewildered child
So take me cross the river wide

Dont you cry....

Little by little
I've come to this point
on my own I've been searching my way
I lost you so early
the days went so fast
you don't know how I prayed every day

A song to remember
a song to forget
you'll never know how I tried
to make you proud
and to honor your name but
you never told me goodbye

Now that your are gone
casting shadows from the past
you and all the memories will last

Don't you cry
or suffer over me
I will be waiting for you
don't you cry
angels never fade away
I'll be watching over you
see you through

Now I'm a man and
I'm feeling you still
could it be you were there all along
a time to surrender
a time to forgive
with solace I give you this song

Now that you are gone
casting shadows from the past
in my dreams I hear your voice at last

I can see you tonight
in the pale winter light
father and son again
lover and lover
the bond of blood will never end


There's a pain within
that I can't define
there's an empty space
where your love used to shine
from the night we met
till the day you died
do you think I wished
do you still believe I tried
all too soon we were divided
and life had just begun

Will you revive
from the chaos in my mind
where we still are bound together
will you be there
waiting by the gates of dawn
when I close my eyes forever

I belong to you
you belong to me
it's the way things are
always meant to be

Like the morning star
and the rising sun

You convey my life
and forgive me what I've done

All too soon we were divided
in darkness and light

Save me
reverse how I'm thinking of you
every breath I take
brings me closer
closer to forever, to you
I'm waiting for the day that I'm gone

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

红颜独憔悴 , 莫笑桃花劫
潮起潮落 , 月缺月又圆
缘起缘灭 , 轮回落凡间
情思如梦 , 愁断白头
花开花落 , 望穿多少个秋


1. 我。。原来还是以前的我。从来都不曾让人笑过。只因我根本就是个很闷的人。话不多,没话题。不能疯疯癫癫的让身边的人拥有难忘的一天。原来这就是人人都不想和我出的原因。第一次感觉做人很失败!
2. 我。。原来一点都不坚强,也希望会有人陪我。以往都是假想有人陪我,自己骗自己。这样还算不错。但毕竟只是想象的人物而已。罢了!都过了这么久也该习惯了。
3. 心里很不舒服。没原因,就不爽而已。是成年累月累积下来,压抑心情的后果吗?可能吧。想爆发却不能如愿。就再叫东西吃了。